Paul Newman Replica Rolex Daytona VS Steve McQueen Heuer Monaco

I can't wait to talk about er cars and replica watches. We're going to talk about some of the same fake watches from these periods. Cars are the most interesting part. I'm looking forward to it, because in fact I know something I've heard in the news recently, I'm social Many things seen in the media are related to replica Monaco and auctions. If you want to learn more about what I have always been interested in fake Monaco, I have never seen it before, but you lent me a large part here, absolutely beautiful , So how did this start?

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

Today, we are going to introduce Steve McGuire Monaco replica and Paul Newman Daytona Rolex, so this is the mythical guy Steve McQueen. Yes, or his replica watch is close or very good, yes, no, this is the original replica Heuer Monaco from 1970-71. It is very similar to the super clone watch worn by Steve McQueen in the movie "Le Mans" Similarity, which made this knock off watch famous, so yes, but it is not. One is actually on his wrist, and this'Daniel (Daniel) is also very unusual because there is a bracelet on it. Yes, I can see the bracelets, usually you see them on the belt, I think it's 's whenever I see them in an ad or in a catalog, or something similar, they always come with a leather strap, but this is unique, yes, it is very unique, so the fake watch is made by Edward The Warriors team was founded by hoyer company founded in 1860. 

They quickly developed into a replica watch company that timed cars. Then in 1933 they introduced the dashboard clock, so we can talk about rallying and motorsports related to the Warriors, and then Around 1969, Hoyer was the first watch company. Professional racing driver Joe Seifert, who has sponsored Formula One and Porsche racing, is the first racing driver they sponsored. If you notice any photos of him in uniform, there will be a warrior chronograph or knock off Watch. The big patch is on his shoulder, I have a quick question to ask me, I know you are wearing a Rolex Reverse Panda Daytona replica watch in the auction, well, obviously, this is a very big copy watch, especially Compared to today's smaller fake watches like all these cars, in my opinion, this is an oversized replica watch, but that must be huge, so when you start thinking about 1970 71 72, there are Many of them are like this, so if we want to buy sports chronographs, we have grasped the essence of these replica watches to a certain extent. 

Steve McQueen Heuer Monaco

You may go to this authorized retailer in the best rolex replica watches, or you will always super clone watch Speedmaster, or you You might look at the Rolex Daytona. The Daytona of those replica watches, for example, at 37 mm, you will see Hoya. Its shape is also very unique, so this is the first chronograph to make an automatic chronograph. This automatic chronograph The knock off watch was designed by Jack Hoyer and his team. It should be placed in a Carrera case. You are familiar with hoya carreras. This fake watch is designed, or it should be said that the movement is designed , And then the design of the case, as you said, because the automatic movement of the chronograph was already too big at the time, so it was just like what you said. A tino-shaped case or a barrel-shaped case, it's actually not a square, it's also because I said waterproof and automatic. This must have changed the rules of the game in the late 60s and early 70s. This is undoubtedly because if you are Looking for a competitive model was supposed to be Manual Winding by Speedmaster, and Manual Winding by Rolex Daytona is automatic. This is a game changer for me. When I think about collecting TAG Heuer replica watches, I think I think That was "This is the first thing that comes to my mind. Obviously this is a hook. The hook can be traced back farther away, and the label even starts to work. How do they make connections and how does marriage happen? In 1983, a group of people in Luxembourg bought Hoyer for avant-garde technology and later became TAG Heuer. So from 1983 to Hoyer 83 South Hoyer, now I know that they are also manufacturing this model and new version. 

New model, I'm very happy to see all of this. I've learned everything from you and the Royal Jeweler tonight. It's really made me focus on more label tags, but more specifically, it's Monaco super clone watches. I believe this pair Everything is very good. There are some later models coming out soon or now, so as I said, this is the original, and the original has this model on your left crown and right putter, this model has The blue only has a gray or gray dial, so now, the label hoyer has introduced a re-added function, namely automatic movement, the button on the right is located on the left side of blue or gray, and the crown is on the left side, which is great Yes, I thank you very much for taking me through the carriage house, showing me these awesome cars, and showing me this awesome replica watch. It's really great. Thank you very much for your speech, but we also It must be discussed a little bit, so this is another very popular fake watch that has actually been used for a long time, this is Paul Newman Rolex. Daytona lets us trade, let us trade, so you will notice , The smaller replica watch is extremely comfortable on the 37mm Oyster bracelet. 

This is a replica watch that was actually not very popular at the time. I'm not sure why it's not. It's popular, but it's mainly made with a panda dial. Realized, so it's a reverse panda or unique, because it has a dial called exotic, Paul Newman made a movie called Winning, he will wear that movie, or should I wear it in the movie He loves so much, and he mentioned super clone watches to his wife. Joanne Woodward (Joanne Woodward) is a famous actress, because you know that rolex erplica she finally bought him with that exotic dial A gift, and her fake watch is engraved with that watch. He has my engraving, so you will notice that it does not have my engraving on the back, because if it had, it should have been It was sold at auction for more than $17 million, so let's say it for a second because I think in the past four or five years, all you have heard are Daytonas and Newman Daytonas, you know It may be about history, about his great influence on Rolex Daytona. 

So Daytona, it was actually called Daytona Rolex before being called, with a chronograph model, and in the 63 64 in 1962, it looked very much like when you revisited it today, they changed the name, Brings more racing feeling to the car and thus becomes more competitive. They named it Daytona, which is the famous 24-hour endurance race. The 24-hour endurance race of Daytona is in Daytona Florida Paul Newman was held as I mentioned in the film award-winning film, he then wore a wrist on his wrist, so he left him on the track, and Paul became his own famous racer. Many years ago, I, I, many years ago, I was a manager of a can-am racing team, and ended up crashing for a lot of time. In my opinion, I may be the only person in the world to see Ball up close. Newman actually wore one of his Paul Newman replica watch dealers, but because he was the one who wore Paul Newman, he was very popular in the movie. This movie was very popular in Italy, and it started selling in It was good there, and then it started to sell well all over the world. This is Paul Newman Daytona, so it's really Paul. 

What he did in the movie and the movie itself really promoted the development of Paul Newman. He is super cool. Guy, a guy with a lot of character and integrity, and an incredible racer. I have watched him race many times, especially in the era when he was an incredible racer, so he is very respected Many people look up to him, the fake watch he wears, who doesn't want to be Paul Newman, so everyone wants a knock off watch like this, because they know something about history and don't know anything about Newman's movies, so I I think I have a piece of history here. In a sense, it's really cool. You're sure, like I said, if you'd like, if you owned one of these cars in 1970, then We will grasp the spirit of these AAA replica watches. 71 72 Is replica rolex submariner the watch replica you might be wearing one of these two fake watches, let me go back to fake Monaco and walk for another second, because if I am wrong, I know you will correct me, but you are actually in super clone Monaco, And you haven't met Patrick Dempsey, he is also a big replica watch fan and a big car fan, so yes, but I spent some time with Patrick (Indianapolis, Indiana 500) team. So one year, we met there, uh, he looked at my imitation watch, I looked at his watch, we were wearing exactly the same watch, I had a red strap on it, and he had a pure black on it. He said, oh my goodness, I let me see, he likes to take my hand to look at the replica watch, so Patrick and I took a photo with the fake watch, he said how can I get one of the straps, I said Give me your address. 

Today when you see Patrick wearing that super clone watch and been photographed many times in it, he is wearing a royal jeweler's red strap on replica Monaco. It must be a very Cool feeling, it is very close to a main actor, and there is the same thing in it. It's common, well, but I'm lucky enough to be educated or mentored by Derek Bell, another outstanding car in the period of Paul Paul Newman and Joe Seifert Hand, so over the years, I have met many such people, thank you very much for taking me back to the history of super clone Monaco, Paul Newman Daytona showed me all these great cars that I don't know you, I think it might be It's time for a glass of fine wine or Scotch whiskey, if you want, we go thank you Daniel When mentioning new or second-hand certified second-hand goods, we are looking for an excellent fake watch, please check out the Royal Jewelry from stephen and above Please contact the Royal Jewelers or Royal Jewelers. Over the years, I have met many such guys. Thank you very much for taking me through the history of fake Monaco. Paul Newman Daytona showed me all these great cars that I don't know. I think it might be a A good time for a glass of wine or Scotch whiskey. If you are looking for a great replica watch, is a good choice.


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